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Balloch Poem

I’ll hie me away to Balloch,

That sweet and lovely glen –

Deep hidden in the mountains grand,

Far from the haunts of men.

There’s healing there for wounded hearts –

A balm for every pain;

And if you’ve been to Balloch once,

You’ll sure go back again.

It’s lovely in the summer time

Beneath the sun’s warm glow –

It has a “happy fireside climb,”

When hills are white with snow.

For friendship true and real is there,

And love and peace do reign –

And those who’ve been to Balloch once,

Are welcome back again.

The hills that compass it around

Raise rugged peaks on high,

And towering crags where eagles nest

Stand out against the sky; And

Through the glen the mountain stream

Sings such a sweet refrain –

How could you come to Balloch once,

And not come back again?

How silently the evening falls

And stars begin to peep;

The only sounds – the river’s song

And bleet the mountain sheep.

Such peace and rest in cities great,

You’ll look for that in vain:

Then come with me to Balloch glen

Again, and yet again